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Terry and Kathy Sullivan established the distilling site in 2016. For a decade we have visited and written about wineries in North America, Europe and Oceania. On some treks, we visited distilleries. Along our journey, on occasion, we have come across a winery that also produces distilled products. For example, one of our first inspiring visits was to a winery in Colorado that added a distillery to their property to help pay the bills in the event a winter freeze took out their vineyard production.

The year 2016 was also memorable; we learned how to distill wine into brandy. Previously, we have been making wine since 2008.

Over the past decade, distillery articles were linked to from the Wine Trail Traveler winery site. This new site, as of 2016, is devoted to just distilleries.

Distillery visits were made in several states in the United States as well as distilleries in the Bahamas and the country Georgia. Some of these distilleries are large facilities such as those in Kentucky and Tennessee. Other are small craft distilleries such as those in Delaware. We have visited distilleries with homemade stills, and those with multi-story column stills.

During the Beverages Unlimited conference in Richmond, we attended the sessions that were about distilling, and also accompanied a group on visits to distilleries.



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