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Maryland distillingThe new era of Maryland distilling began in earnest in 2011 with Blackwater Distilling crafting a vodka in Stevensville. Prior to this time, Fiore Winery began making limoncello in 2005. Now there are many distilleries in Maryland with others opening in the near future. The craft distilling era, that sprung forth on America's West Coast, has found it way to the East Coast.

Distilling in Maryland is not a new concept. Rum was made in the 1600s and during the Colonial Period rum and rye whiskey were popular. During the distilling golden era, 1865 to 1917, Maryland was the third largest producer of spirits behind Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Distilleries, many small mom and pop businesses, were scattered throughout the state. Then came Prohibition, that put a halt to the distilling industry. It has taken decades for the rebirth of the distilling industry in Maryland.



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  Painted Stave Distilling Pinchgut Hollow Distillery
Painted Stave Pinch Gut Hollow Distillery




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