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Georgia SakartveloGeorgia

Sakartvelo, also know as the country Georgia is an ancient land south of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. People in this area have grown grapes and made wine for 8,000 years. One winemaking technique is the ancient art of making wine in buried qvevri or fired, clay, egg-shaped vessels. For a long time, once the wine was removed from the qvevri, the remaining skins were fermented to produce Chacha. Commercial brandy would take thousands of years to develop. In the 1880s, David Sarajishvili decided to make brandy after extensive travels in Germany and France.

Today there are several distilleries in the country. Once in the countryside, though, many families have a still. They make wine and then make Chacha.








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  Painted Stave Distilling Pinchgut Hollow Distillery
Painted Stave Pinch Gut Hollow Distillery




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