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The Whiskey Rebellion of the late 1700s appears to have begun in Western Pennsylvania. At the time the country was looking for a way to pay the cost of the Revolutionary War. The not so great idea was to tax whiskey an unreasonable amount. According to the Wigle Whiskey website, Phillip Wigle tried to maintain his right to craft distilled products against a tax collector. Eventually Wigle was sentenced to hang. This may have been the impetus for the Whiskey Rebellion.

Despite the Whiskey Rebellion, whiskey continued to be made in Western Pennsylvania. At one point the region had 4,000 stills.

Some of the first distillers in western Pennsylvania were German and Scotts-Irish who made whiskey primarily with rye.

When planning to visit distilleries in Pennsylvania, check out the Pennsylvania distilling trails: Pennsylvania Distillery Trail, Craft Distilleries & Spirits Trail and Lehigh Valley Ale Trail.




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